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Male Lion 'Barikoi' of the Lemek Pride of Lions
Male Lion ‘Barikoi’ of the Lemek Pride of Lions

Over the years, we have enjoyed incredible photography sessions with Lions from many prides across the Masai Mara eco-system. We’ve photographed the Cheli, Enesikiria, Offbeat, Sausage Tree prides and the famous Marsh Pride. Most notable for our groups of photographers however, are the Lions from the Lemek pride.

The Lemek pride of Lions are found in the Lemek, Ol Choro and Enonkishu Conservancies. We spend most of our time in these Conservancies so it stands to reason that we have spent most of our ‘Lion time’ with this pride.


I can’t remember which pride the first Lions I photographed belonged too. What I can remember is the excitement when I heard Moses tell us he had sight of them and the absolute awe when I saw and photographed my first wild male Lion!

Since then, we’ve photographed so many Lions but being in close proximity and photographing them is an experience I never take for granted. When we get them in our sights I still feel that same excitement and awe, it never goes away! There’s also a great feeling of happiness and satisfaction when I see our guests go through exactly the same emotions as I did when they see and photograph their first wild Lions.



The Lemek Lions

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