In episiode 1 of our podcast, we compare the experience of the Maasai Mara Conservancies to the National Reserve.

There are significant differences which we have summarised below but we do recommend listening to the podcast to gain a greater understanding of the Mara Conservancies and the National Reserve.

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Land Ownership Government owned. Owned by the Maasai people, leased to conservancy boards made up of tourism partners, land-owners and conservation groups in return for regular income.
Tourist Numbers

Very busy, especially during the great migration season. Thousands of tourist beds plus day tripper access.

Vehicle numbers at wildlife sightings unrestricted.

Visitor numbers are much lower and well controlled. No day tripper access.

Significantly quieter at wildlife sightings, maximum of five vehicles.

Off-Road Driving No. Yes.
Night Drives No. Yes.
Cross-visits Anybody can pay park fees and enter the National Reserve including guests staying in Conservancies. No rights to visit the Conservancies if staying in the National Reserve.
Communities No local villages or communities. Community and conservation site visits are possible.
River Crossings Great migration river crossing points are located in the National Reserve. The great migration passes through the Conservancies but there are no significant river crossings.
Peace & Quiet Not really! Yes!