Specialist Wildlife Photography Safaris

For a wildlife photographer, a ‘normal tourist’ safari is likely to lead to frustration rather than fulfiling a ‘bucket-list’ ambition.

Our dedicated wildlife photography safaris will give you the time you need to enjoy photographing incredible wildlife, looking for specific behaviour and action from different angles and in different light and conditions.

We work with experienced and qualified guides and trackers in private conservancies and reserves, where we can responsibly off-road away from high tourist numbers .

With fieldcraft and photography tuition, we can offer wildlife photographers an immersive ‘bucket list’ incredible experience.

African Photography Safaris, guests enjoying the experience

Thanks for a fantastic week! I learned lots, I saw the most beautiful and memorable sights the Mara has to offer and met new friends. Oh, and captured much of this on “film”. Thanks to you both, I appreciate a tour like this requires a lot of planning, logistics and that you’re always “on call”. It was great. For me, an unforgettable and rewarding experience. Champion! Thanks and safe travels!

David Callaghan, Maasai Mara 2019

House in the Wild Maasai Mara

House in the Wild Kenya Maasai Mara Wildlife Photography Safari

We’ll be based at the beautiful House In The Wild, right on the banks of the Mara River in the beautiful private Enonkishu Conservancy. From here we’ll also have access to to the surrounding Lemek and Ol Choro Conservancies where we can off-road, the Mara Triangle and also the national reserve.

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Wild at Mattikoko Maasai Mara

Wild at Mattikoko Kenya Maasai Mara Wildlife Photography Safari

We’ll be based at the fantastic Mattikoko Safari Camp in the heart of the Maasai Mara plains of Lemek Conservancy. From this friendly, family run luxury safari camp, we have access to Lemek, Ol Chorro, Enonkishu and Mara North Conservancies where we can off-road, plus the National Reserve and Mara Triangle.

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Timbavati South Africa

Timbavati South Africa Wildlife Photography Safari

Join Alan in the stunning Timbavati private reserve in South Africa, well known for Leopard and Rhino viewing and also home to ‘White Lions’. We’ll have private use of a lodge surrounded by wildlife and beautiful scenery. This photography safari is led by Alan Hewitt and managed by Penda Photo Tours.

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